First Time Job Seekers

Currently job seeking? Need help to get to the interview stage? Give yourself a competitive advantage using my experience.

Entering the world of securing your first job can be a daunting prospect. The current marketplace has never been so competitive and so you need to give yourself every advantage to secure that all important first interview.

With 32 years experience in the world of recruitment and having personally interviewed hundreds of candidates I can help you to ensure you bring out all your experiences in your CV to secure and perform to your best ability in the all important interview.

My services are as follows:

CV & Linkedin Review​

1 hour discussion with you to get to know you so we can work together to make your CV the best it can be and to ensure your Linkedin profile represents you effectively.


Write a covering letter

Guidance on writing an appealing covering letter.​


Mock interview​

You will be given a fictional but generic job description with an organisation where I will act as the interviewer and we will conduct a virtual interview. I will give you immediate feedback on how you performed with a written follow up.


Combined 3 services​

  • CV/Linkedin Review​
  • Covering letter guidance​
  • Mock Interview​
  • 1 hour follow up session​

Consulting Services


Knowledge Share

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